Holiday Tree

Holiday Tree

For our first holiday season in SoHo, we decided to celebrate with a real balsam fir. Aside from all the fun we had decorating, we discovered so many benefits. See below for reasons why a living tree could be the best choice for you:


  • Color Therapy: We are all about rich colors at LUANA. We take our color choices seriously – and exposure to real greenery has been proven to be therapeutic. Adding plants can help lower blood pressure, and reduce fatigue and anxiety. A nice dose of color therapy during a hectic time of year!


  • Breathe Easy: Real trees absorb odors and pollutants by trapping particles in their leaves and bark. The balsam fir is also known for its aromatic needles. You’ll notice the fresh pine scent right away.


  • Classic Shape: The balsam fir tree has a conical shape and dense, dark-green leaves with hints of shining silver white – making it ideal for holiday wreaths and greenery. Branches are strong enough to hold heavy ornaments so decorate away!


For ideas about the perfect gift to place under the tree, take a look at our Gift Guide Under $300 and more.

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